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Guest Speaker – Jon Scott presents “SEASONS”

Guest Speaker – Jon Scott presents “SEASONS”

We all go through seasons in our life. Not only are they guaranteed, they are necessary for growth! Learn how to not only survive but thrive through change.

Jon hopes your contact with him will leave you feeling more hopeful than before you met him.  He desires to make a deposit into your life rather than making a withdrawal.

“If you ever want to know what real, raw emotion sounds like, just listen to the voice of Jon Scott. You’ll feel everything he sings about, and it will stay with you.”     -Charissa Nicole- Founder of theNashvilleFAM
“Jon is a dynamic Love presence with excellent vocals and a message and delivery that is as powerful as the times of change in which we live.”    -Vic Sorrell
“Jon Scott is an original. A consummate communicator who can skillfully unveil a mystery through a song, or make a cosmic concept of the Universe accessible and easy to understand through his visionary teaching…and he does it all with an organic approach that basically seems effortless. A troubadour and iconoclast who can change the energetic vibration in a room with a simple word or phrase. A man who is helping to create a better world by showing people new ways to see it.     -Bishop Jim Swilley-  Founder of Metron Community/ Bishop of Now Ministries
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