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Guest Speaker Rama Inacio on Oct. 1st

Guest Speaker Rama Inacio on Oct. 1st

Chopra says, “What is commonly called a ‘miracle’ is actually an expression of the Law of Least Effort,”  our fourth Law of Success, “The Law of Least Effort”.

Rev. Christine will be with us to introduce her blessed friend, Rama Inacio, speaker, workshop facilitator, sound & vibrational healer, intuitive reader, and so much more! Join us as Rama presents the Law of Least Effort and leads us into our True Nature through music and message. It is said that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease, and when we allow the forces of harmony, joy, and love to live us more fully, we truly do create success and good fortune with this same effortless ease.

Sound, Alchemy and Your Divine Blueprint

 a Special Workshop facilitated by Rama next Sunday, Oct. 1st from 12:45 PM to 2:15 PM

Be sure to stay as Rama activates your Divine DNA to gracefully steer you on your soul’s path.  Love Offering of $25.00

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