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Paths to Peace – Sept 21, 2107

Paths to Peace – Sept 21, 2107

Paths to Peace

(Sponsored by the Center for Mindful Living)

Thursday, Sept 21st in Coolidge Park

International Day of Prayer

3:00 to 7:00 PM / Free Admission


Labyrinth Walking

Yoga at 3 PM / Qigong at 4 PM

Craft Stations

Music, Poetry, & Dance from 5 to 7 PM

Pray or Meditate at the Peace Vigil throughout the Event

Rev Christine and Unity of Chattanooga will be a part of the Prayer Vigil from 3:40 – 4 PM

 As you walk into the park, between the pavilion (on your right coming from Frazier Ave) and the carousel (on your left), proceed past the fountain with animals area.  Head clockwise around the circle to about 2 pm if you consider where you entered 12.  There’s a grove of trees, a paved area and many benches.  There will also be chairs and signage. If it rains the event will still take place!  We will move everything to the pavilion and the area just under the overhang.

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