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Rev Christine presents “Soul-Centered Leadership” on Aug. 13th

Rev Christine presents “Soul-Centered Leadership” on Aug. 13th

SOUL-CENTERED LEADERSHIP – Creating Great Relationships from the Inside Out!

Are you Spirit-led or ego driven? Do you long to be a leader making a difference in your own life, and in the world?

We are going to take a look at certain relationship pitfalls, learn how to overcome them, and make every relationship great. As we take full responsibility for our relationships and let go of the idea of giving up and returning to the status quo, we form new habits that lead to true mastery. When people learn to lead with the power, guidance, and courage of their soul, amazing things happen.

With Guest Musician – Sara Beth Geoghegan

Sara Beth loves to write songs. Sometimes when the bills are stacking up and the to-do lists aren’t to-do’ing themselves, she finds herself writing songs instead. She grew up playing piano but when she tunes her guitar, something magical happens. She is currently touring all over the United States and we are pleased to welcome her to Chattanooga.

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