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Jon Scott/Our Guest Speaker & Musician on July 30th

Jon Scott/Our Guest Speaker & Musician on July 30th

Jon Scott is our very own “Rebel with a Cause!” He sees things and does things differently and we love him for it. His talk title is “Being Fully Human – Being Fully Spirit”.

Jon says, “Maybe being fully human is the ultimate in spiritual enlightenment. Maybe we shouldn’t seek so hard to connect with the construct that traditional religion often introduces us to. Maybe we lose ground in our spiritual pursuits when we try so hard to “be spiritual”. Let’s learn to simply be and then maybe the automatic connection we seek will happen on its own!”

Be sure to join us for Jon’s thought-provoking message and uplifting music.

Please note that “Blessing Bags for the Homeless” following the service has been postponed to a later date.

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