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Sunday- July 23rd, Rev Christine presents “GAME ON!”

Sunday- July 23rd, Rev Christine presents “GAME ON!”

(Party games and favors included!)

Following on the Good we shared last week, let’s see who pulled a rabbit out of a hat or shifted their perspective in such a way as to see and experience proof positive that we are the Ones we have been waiting for. We will see how abundance goes way beyond financial capital, and includes all areas of our lives, such as, social, creative, adventure, and spiritual capital, to name a few. Author of “Thank & Grow Rich”, Pam Grout, says, “Upgrade your life from ho-hum to wahoo in this exploration of energy, frequency, and universal magic.”

Reverend Christine says, “Thank God we are here for the Grand Opening of a World that works for All; a world on fire with love and joy!” Please join us at 11:00 am at Unity of Chattanooga ready to receive the bountiful gifts that are here for each one of us.

Following the service at 12:45 PM, we will have a special Celebration of Life Service for Don Royer

Our beloved congregant, Don Royer, transitioned on July 1, 2017. A Celebration of Life Ceremony will be held at Unity of Chattanooga and everyone is welcome.

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