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Guest Speaker, Bob Lancer, presents Sunday Talk & Afternoon Workshop

Guest Speaker, Bob Lancer, presents Sunday Talk & Afternoon Workshop

On Sunday, July 9th, we are pleased to welcome BOB LANCER

      “Bob Lancer is a leading-edge teacher, coach and author whose breakthrough methods apply to any area that you feel stuck in.”  -Dr. Wayne Dyer

During the Sunday service, Bob will present How to Wing Your Way Into Love and Abundance: An Angelic Unity Message.”  He will look at some Biblical examples of the wisdom and power of just ‘winging’ it and how that strategy draws the wings of angels to uplift us.

“The Method for Abundance” – A Special Workshop from 12:45 – 2:45

Following the potluck, join Bob in this workshop, where he will guide you in the simple process of allowing your challenges to improve you and your life and help you get UN-STUCK!

He believes that you don’t need to overcome or escape from the challenges you face in your life.  They arrive to lift you up to your next higher level of the fulfillment of your limitless potential. Release your fearful resistance and learn how your life is perfectly and divinely orchestrated by you to meet your true needs and true desires. If you knew that attending this workshop would immediately resolve your financial difficulties and establish you on a path that maintains your financial freedom with spiritual inner peace, would you attend? If the answer if “YES”, then take action and plan to be there. This workshop is for spiritual seekers who want to feel free from financial insecurity and lack… NOW AND FOREVER!    $20 Love-Offering


Check out his website at http://boblancer.com


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