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“The Holy Sacred Union” with Rev Christine & Jon Scott on June 18th

“The Holy Sacred Union” with Rev Christine & Jon Scott on June 18th

The Holy Sacred Union is The Divine Union, or what some call, the True Alchemical Marriage. So often we feel that “love” has let us down … that our relationships are not complete or satisfying. We search and search and search for our beloved, that perfect partner that will surely complete us. Well, search no longer, for the Divine Union, the True Alchemical Marriage, IS within you, IS You.

In this sacred place of the Divine Union, all aspects of separation are lost. When you don’t need the experience to be anything predetermined, you allow the highest force of the universe to flow through you. This presents a pathway to our connection with Source that opens the energy fields to Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Oneness. Some may think this is only wishful thinking, but it IS, in fact, True! This Sunday, you are invited to open the sacred door of your own heart and discover the beloved. Sound too good to be true?! Come and See! Get two points of view as Rev Christine and Jon Scott discuss this topic together on Sunday.

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