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Rev Christine Grace presents “The Great Demonstration” on June 11th

Rev Christine Grace presents “The Great Demonstration” on June 11th

It has been said that there are three classes of people in this world. There are those that see, those that see when they are shown and those who never see at all. When we experience a Spiritual evolution or awakening within ourselves, everything remains the same but we just begin to see things differently because of a new depth of understanding that goes beyond being human into a life that is boundless. Because of this, man can rise above any limiting experiences and move forward into a new beginning of his greater Divine potential.

No matter what obstacles you feel may stand in your way, there is always within you the strong, capable, confident, dynamic person you long to be. The great demonstration is when we allow this power that resides within us to succeed, to overcome and to become all we want to be. Join Rev Christine for the final talk of the series ‘Discover the Power Within You”.

Our monthly Potluck Luncheon will follow the Sunday service and Rev Christine’s weekly discussion group will begin immediately after the potluck.

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