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Cindy Lou Harrington presents “The Miracle of Abundance” on June 4th

Cindy Lou Harrington presents “The Miracle of Abundance” on June 4th

No one is born with negative thoughts and human nature is but the degree of our consciousness of the Divine Nature within us. But when we cut ourselves off from the spirit and activity of God, we experience lack and limitation even though God knows nothing of lack and nothing of want. Jesus was not a magician. His power was based on his high consciousness of the laws of the Universe. This potential is within everyone. It is up to each of us individually to wake up and remember that it is your Faith that makes you whole and it is your Faith that can intuitively sense that which is beyond the appearance of any limitation. Jesus simply believed that what he was reaching for was reachable!

On June 4th, join guest speaker, Cindy Lou Harrington, who brings her own special brand of “music with a message,” weaving her original and familiar songs into this week’s Sunday’s lesson, the “Miracle of Abundance.”  She has a profound personal story to share about a prospering idea that came to her in 1999 and has recently and miraculously blossomed into a medical product that is now poised and ready for world-wide distribution.

Cindy Lou will also lead the weekly discussion group following the service at 12:45. 

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